18 Level Playtest Keys Sent Out!

Hello Everyone!

The Lo-Fi Room 18 level playtest game keys have been sent out! 

If you signed up to be a playtester you should have a key in your email inbox. It might be in your spam folder or ‘Promotions’ tab. For the best chance of finding it, just run a search for “Lo-Fi Room” in your email inbox.

If you already have the game downloaded make sure to check for updates in your itch app to get the update. If you select the game 'Lo-Fi Room (Beta)', click the settings icon, then click 'Manage' next to the build, you can then click 'Check for Update'.

There is a feedback form in the email, so please fill that out when you’ve finished playing!

If you weren’t able to sign up in time, you can still sign up here and I’ll send out another batch of keys probably in a week or two.

Here’s what’s in the update compared to the previous playtest:

  • 6 new levels
  • Random beat generator mode -> Play computer generated beats
  • Difficulty adjustment for earlier levels

There are a couple of disclaimers though:

  • Levels 12 -18 don’t have any animation frames/ clickable objects. 
  • Level 18 doesn’t have any level art, only music.

If you want more frequent updates on the game's development, you can join the discord here. I post a mini update on what I’ve done every month there.

Thanks for helping out with the playtesting, I'm looking forward to hearing what you think! 


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