(18 Level) Playtest Update + Late Keys Sent Out!


Thanks for your feedback on the playtest so far, it’s been really helpful! :) I’ve just updated the 18 level playtest version of the game again. If you signed up to be a playtester in the past two weeks (or earlier) you should have gotten a game key now. Be sure to search for “Lo-Fi Room” in your inbox as it’s often sent to spam!

Here’s what’s been done in this update:

  1. Added art for Room 18
  2. Fixed problems with the beatmaker mode for the new levels (including loading)
  3. Tweaked difficulty on a couple of instruments
  4. Other minor bug fixes

If you haven’t tried the update or filled out the feedback form, yet be sure to do so. I’d also recommend checking for an update first in the itch.io app to make sure you have the latest version :)


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I just wanted to take a moment to say, I've played through all the levels (multiple times, because I love it that much), and I did record my first playthrough. I haven't submitted the feedback form yet, because first I'm trying to get the video footage together and uploaded. I'll wrestle with my video editing software a bit, and I hope I have everything done in a few days.

Thanks for the chance to play this!

Hi, thanks very much! :) 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Don't worry about editing the video footage, a big unedited video is most useful for me anyway. Anyway take your time with it, I look forward to seeing your feedback + playthrough. Thanks again for helping out :)