G-Star 2022 + 20 level Playtest Keys Sent!

Hi everyone!

G-Star 2022

I showed Lo-Fi Room at G-Star last weekend as part of the BIC festival section! I enjoyed it a lot! It was however, very exhausting and I also ended up catching corona :( So I’ve been recovering from that this week. 

Here are some photos, the game also got chosen as the game of the day on the first day! Which was very nice :)

It was super helpful to see people play the game some more. I spotted more UI things I think I should try to improve as soon as possible. Thanks anyone who came along to try the game! 

Playtest Keys

I've just updated the playtest version and sent out more keys! If you were already a playtester you can update the game with the same link (or just click the link in the new email). If you signed up but can't find the key in your inbox, just search for "Lo-Fi Room" and you should find your game key there.

The new version has one more level added (20 levels total now) and some UI changes! I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on it :) 

My plans are to complete some more UI changes before the end of the year and update the demo version around that time too.



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get well soon <3 awesome work as always


As we would say in my language: "Una carta de amor a la musica, 20/10 y GOD". Which is to say it's an excellent game and I can't wait for some new content. Hope you get well soon and blessings.


Hi thanks very much! :) 

Maybe you saw already but if you sign up to be a playtester: here you can try the playtest version levels (~20 so far) after I send out new download keys. 

I think I'll probably send out the next batch of keys in a couple of months or so.


I hope you feel better soon!!!

Thanks! Yeah I'm back to normal already~


I hope you feel better soon! I remember that while I was playtesting for the 18-level version, I got COVID for the... second or third time. (I forget which.) Well, I, like many others, will try to have some useful data for whenever you get back.

P.S. Congratulations on another award!

Hi thanks very much! :) Yeah, luckily I didn't get it too bad I was mainly just tired a lot.