Showing Lo-Fi Room at Busan Indie Connect this weekend!


Just a short announcement:

I will be showing Lo-Fi Room at Busan Indie Connect (BIC Fest) this weekend! (September 3rd & 4th)

If any of you are in Korea, it would be nice to see you there! 

Here is the website for more info/tickets: 

If you can’t come in person, there is also an online version of the event running from 1st - 30th of September. There won’t be any extra Lo-Fi Room stuff on there, but maybe you can find some other games that you like. 

Here are some postcards I got printed for the event, they turned out nicer than I expected! 

After the event I'll mainly be preparing for another playtest version update~



Get Lo-Fi Room


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BIC 축하드립니다. ^^



너무 좋았어요 !!

감사합니다! :)

I am nowhere near Korea, but good luck to you! I hope it’s a good time for everyone.

Thanks very much :) I'll try share some photos when it's done~