Playable User Levels + B Sides!

Hello everyone!

As promised here is the new update! Just to recap the stuff included is:

  1. Settings Screen! (finally!) rebindable keys + full/ windowed screen options (fullscreen for desktop only)
  2. Playable user levels! You can now play levels that you or other people have made (warning they might not be that friendly to play)
  3. B Sides! To get people started with playing user levels, I’ve made a variation of each level in the beatmaker myself which you can play as a ‘b-side’ to the original level. There are 3 new beats for you to play in the demo version. Just so you know these aren't finalized I might replace some of the B-Sides with different ones in the future~

There's a few more small adjustments to the game too, like social media links, an 'in game' share button and the mp3 folder button taking you directly to the folder where the mp3s are saved. Also a 'global take switcher' in the beatmaker (i.e. switches the active take for all instruments)

I'm hoping to swap to a forum on itchio soon so people can share their levels more easily, but for now feel free to post them as a comment or use the sharing beats channel on the discord! 

The next update to the demo probably won't be for a while, I'm going to be working on adding new levels to the playtest version for a couple of months I think. Then I'll get back to fixing bugs and adding new features :) Although, usually I end up making some tweaks while adding new levels.

Let me know if you have any feedback on the changes or if you come across any problems~




Windows Build (32 bit) 102 MB
Aug 16, 2021
Linux Build 119 MB
Aug 16, 2021
Windows Build 105 MB
Aug 16, 2021
Mac Build (please install via itchio app) 115 MB
Aug 16, 2021 Play in browser
Aug 16, 2021

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