Full Release Status Update 2 + Upcoming Features

Hi everyone,

I have some unfortunate news around the full release of Lo-Fi Room. I can’t go into too much detail, but due to an unfortunate change in circumstances, I don’t think I will be able to release the full game until late 2022 at the very earliest. 

The positive side of this is that I will have some extra time to add extra features and maybe work on other versions of the game (e.g. mobile, possibly chromebook) before the full release. Maybe that’s optimistic though, it could be that the extra time will be eaten up with fixing bugs/technical stuff.

Having said that, I will keep releasing updates to the demo and am planning to keep adding new levels to the playtest version to get feedback. You can sign up for that here.  I’m planning to add new levels every few months or so.

The way I’m planning to work on the game at the moment is in alternating stages, a couple of months working on new features/fixing bugs, then a couple of months working on new levels for the playtest version. I’m in the middle of a new 'feature stage', so to give you an idea of what is coming in the next release:

  1. Settings Screen! (finally!) rebindable keys + full/ windowed screen options (done)
  2. Playable user levels! You can now play levels that you or other people have made and imported (warning they might not be that friendly to play) (done)
  3. B Sides! To get people started with playing user levels, I’ve made a variation of each level in the beatmaker myself which you can play as a ‘b-side’ to the original level. There are 3 new beats for you to play in the demo version. (in progress)
  4. ‘Take’ switcher in the beatmaker. If you make 3 different takes (a,b,c) you can switch all the instruments to the a section with one click/button. This means you can basically build 3 different sections of a beat and switch between them when you want. (done)

I'm hoping to release that update later this week so keep an eye out for that~ :)

Apologies if this is a disappointment to any of you. If you do want to try more than 3 levels early you can sign up to be a playtester here and have the chance to try new levels early. There are 12 levels done so far, but it'll be a while before I send out new playtest keys~



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Thank you for your honesty in the matter.  Good games like this are always worth the wait.

Thank, I appreciate it~ 

I would also say, if you want to try more of the game early please sign up to be a playtester here, although it might be a while before I send out new keys~


It's a shame that we'll be getting a delay, but you having more time to work on the game is never too bad! Take your time to make the best of this awesome game!

Hey thanks very much, I appreciate it~ :)




Thank you :)


And?? I don't get what is the "unfortunate" on this. All of these are incredible news, and of course is understandable that it will take a time to develop, so please, take all that you need to make the game as you wish, I'm sure it will be great, even more than already :D!!


Hey, thanks I'm glad you see the positives in it :) Personally, I've found it a bit frustrating having to adjust my plans because of something I didn't have control over. Having said that, more time definitely has it's up sides and hopefully the game will come out better overall because of it~


thanks for the update! it's sad to hear, but don't worry, take your time :)

Hey, thank you that's good to hear~ :)