1.6 G-Star Demo Build (New Level)

I was lucky enough to be invited to show Lo-Fi Room at the Indie Showcase at G-Star (in Busan) this week (Nov 14th - 16th)! I will have a small table there to show the game, so I have been working hard to get a more polished updated version ready in time.

This update includes:

  • Additional Intro Level
  • Game feel improvements
  • Menu Screen

I really appreciate the feedback I got here on itchio (and from friends), it was really helpful in knowing what to improve.

The main things I was looking to address was communicating to the player more clearly what they had to do, especially on the rhythm screen. People were not sure when they should press the keys, they were also a little confused about the note colours. So I made quite a lot of changes to the rhythm screen to try and make this as clear as possible. I wanted to ease the player into the game a bit more gradually, so I created a smaller intro level. I also wanted to improve the feedback to make finding instruments or completing rhythm sections feel more rewarding, so I added some more effects.

I also did a lot of prep trying to get things ready for the table (leaflets, peripherals, decorations etc.). My friend really helped me out by making this cool mini keyboard controller, I love it so much!


I’m planning on making a post-mortem post on how I went about preparing for the event and how the event went, but for now please enjoy the updated version of the game! And if you are in Busan/Korea please come along and say hi!


web_build.zip Play in browser
Nov 11, 2019
Mac Build 83 MB
Nov 11, 2019
Windows Build (not yet updated) 67 MB
Nov 11, 2019

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I'm going to G-star today. Do you have an exhibition at the BIC?

Hi not at BIC, I am in the indie showcase in the exhibition center 2 (BTB building), 1F, room 4F

I couldn't go to G-Star BTB. I want to play this game at the seoulindies meeting. ^^;

That's ok, actually you could visit the indie showcase with a BTC ticket, but it was in the BTB building.  (It was difficult to find).

Maybe after I work on it a bit more I'll bring it to Seoul Indies. You can play the version I showed at G-Star in your browser here: https://bearmaskstudios.itch.io/lofi-room


It's a game where you think about the harmony of music that is very different from the rhythm games you see in Japan and Korea. That's great. The graphics are so. I love the music. ^^