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okey thank you!

A question, how do you import a text that I send you to the link of the song or rhythm for the comments?
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I don't fully understand sorry, but here is a general explanation. 

If you want to share a song: 

1. you select the beat you made by clicking the white cassette for that beat.

2. click the button with the 3 dots on (bottom right corner)

3. Copy the text (Ctrl+C) and paste it in the comments section or wherever you want to share it.

If you want to import a song (e.g.)



1. you copy the text

2. click the "Play button" on the first screen

3. On this screen press the button in the bottom right corner

4. Paste the text you want to import here (CTRL +V): 

5. An arrow button will appear on the right of the screen. Press this and you can  listen to/edit the beat.

Thank you

No problem, hope that made sense~


Good afternoon, day or night at this mmoment i write this coment in wichi inform you that the option to insert text to import rhytm fails, whabt happens is that i copy the risto but when i want to import it, it does not leave me no matter hoas much i try.What i do is copy the rhythm (again).I say it i hit the left click but the option to paste does not appear if i am doing it wrong.Please tell me, THANK YOU FOR READING^o^❤

Hi, you should start with some text that looks like this:



If you go the menu screen, click this button. Paste the text (ctrl+V) and then click the next (>>) button. If it doesn't work there should be an error message.


If you're still having problem please paste the text you're trying to import, and/or the error message you see.

Hope that helps, thanks~


have u already chosen ur beta testers for the new levels? I filled in the google doc a couple of weeks ago.

Hi, I sent out beta test keys to everyone who signed up before June 14th. The emails tend to go to the spam or promotions folder which is kind of annoying. But if you search your inbox for "Lo-Fi Room" you should be able to find in there it somewhere~

I will send out some more keys to people who signed up later, this week I think. So if you don't have a key yet, you should have one around the end of the week. But again you'll have to search for it.

lmao I just checked and it is there. Sorry for taking up time of your day. Can't wait to play it

Haha, no need to apologise :) Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to fill out the feedback form~


so cool!! <3

Thank you~


This is a really great game :)


Thanks :)


Best music game ever!


Thank you :)

I can't wait for the end of 2021

Hi, I'm glad you're looking forward for the full release! I can't go into much detail at the moment, but I'm sorry to say the end of the year might not be possible at the moment. I'm planning to announce what the plan is as soon as I know what's possible. Having said that, I'm going to keep doing playtests so if you sign up to be a playtester here. You'll be able to try the new levels when I make a new batch (there are 12 done already). I'm planning to send out some more playtest keys at the end of the week, so if you haven't already be sure to sign up :)


Hi I've sent out the keys. If you search for "Lo-Fi Room" in your inbox you should find a key there (maybe in spam or promotions). Let me know if you have any problems finding it.


great game i had lot's of fun making and playing songs just hope the full game lets you actually play your own beats

but great game and i would love to see the full project


Hey, thanks very much! If you like, you can sign up to be a playtester here. I can send you a key so you can try the newest playtest levels (12 in total). If you do that please fill in the survey when you finish~

Also you'll be glad to hear that playing your own/other people's beats is coming in the next update. That part of the update is more or less done already :)

Deleted 93 days ago

whens the next key hand out


Hi, I think I'll send out a few more keys this week

Thanks for the info


Hi, I sent out the keys. If you search for "Lo-Fi Room" in your inbox you should find a key there (maybe in spam or promotions). Let me know if you have any problems finding it.


is there a way to download it without getting the app?

Hi thanks for asking, there is a way to get it running on mac without installing the itch app but it's a little technical. This user wrote this post explaining how you would do that:  So feel free to try  following those steps. Otherwise playing in your browser is also an option, the only real difference between that and downloading is fullscreen and being able to record your tracks to mp3.


okay thanks!

No problem :)


this is so cute!

Thank you!


So nice
The art is great and the gameplay is cool
the most what I like in it that you make music and cool yourself
keep the great work guys
I have always wanted to learn music but I did not get the chance

Hey, thanks very much. That's great to hear :) I'm glad it can be a way for you to try out making music yourself~


Let's party. 



Nice, thanks for sharing! Cool melodies :)




Check this one out too!




I had a blast

Thanks for sharing! Sounds good :)


It's a fun game! Though I wish there was on option to change the keys to azerty or the arrow buttons..

Hi, thanks! 

So you can actually play with the game with the arrow keys. The game doesn't communicate that very well at the moment, but if you just press the arrow keys the icons will switch to arrows and that should all work fine. I've also (finally) built a settings menu that lets you choose your key bindings so that will be coming in the next update~


Oh, okay! I'll try it out! Thank you!!


hells ya.. nice



Hi, I seem to be having trouble getting the game to work. It used to work before but now it just keeps quitting by itself. It's installed through Itch.

Oh sorry to hear that, thanks for letting me know. Could you let me know a couple of things to help me figure out what is happening please?

  1. Are you using Mac, Windows, or Linux?
  2. Could you let me know some basic computer specs (either the model name or the cpu, gpu name + ram numbers) please?
  3. At what point in the game does it quit? Do you get any error messages?
  4. When did the game last work for you?



Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm using an iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011) and the game won't even open at all and I just get a message saying the game quit unexpectedly. The game last worked for me before the newest update.

Ok thanks, ah I think I have a guess for what's happening. I upgraded the Unity version I use to make the game, but that also changes the minimum supported OS version to be higher. Could you let me know the version of mac OS you're using please?


I'm using Mac High Sierra. Unfortunately I'm not able to upgrade it any more.

Hmm, actually that shouldn't be the problem, that version should be supported. I'll look into it when I have time (later this week probably), it might be trickier to figure out. 

Could you maybe fill in this form please? (You can just put in your email, I haven't set it up properly yet). I haven't got a computer with an environment like yours so it's hard for me to test whether it would work or not, I might need to send a build to you to test if it works. (Hopefully that won't be necessary, but just in case)


try it out :) 



Cool! Thanks for sharing! I liked the drum + hihat rhythm~


Guys check this beat out!      Give me your opinion on it if you will!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



Hey that's great, thanks for sharing! I liked the brown piano melody with the double notes~


Omg, this gameis so nice! I love how simple and nice, yet interesting this game is! 

Thanks very much~ :)





here guys copy this 




what is that

If you click play in the first menu and then this button in the bottom right corner on the level select screen. You can import beats that other people have made and listen to them. You do this by pasting that strange looking text they shared.


That sounds super cool, thanks for sharing! I like the rhythms in it, they're pretty interesting~


i would give 6 stars if i could lol

Haha, thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much~ :)


The game updated and now there is only one chapter?

Hi, so as best I know after the game is updated you lose all your local data, so any progress will be lost (at least in the web browser version). You should still be able to unlock play the 3 levels, but you'll have to play through again from the beginning. Let me know if that doesn't work. I'll see if there is a way to update the game in future that won't do that.

야 난이 게임이 좋아이 게임을 애니로드로 만들어

poggers game my guy :)) luvv yy 




i love this game really relaxing and a cool idea good job

Hi, thanks very much. You might have seen this already, but I'm running a playtest of a 12 level version of the game at the moment. If you want to try it you can sign up here. I'm planning to send the keys at the end of the week, so be sure to sign up before then if you want to take part.


This game is soo good and relaxing I swear it makes me wanna.

Hi, thanks very much. You might have seen this already, but I'm running a playtest of a 12 level version of the game at the moment. If you want to try it you can sign up here. I'm planning to send the keys at the end of the week, so be sure to sign up before then if you want to take part.


ur game is da bast :) i hope u can make more :PPPPPP

Hey thank you, I put this as a reply to your other comment but in case you missed it:

 If you signed up to be a playtester, you should have gotten your key for the new levels already (search for "Lo-Fi Room" in your inbox). If you haven't signed up yet, you can do that: here and you'll be able to try a version with 12 levels total. I'm going to send those keys out at the end of this week, so if you haven't already, make sure you sign up before then~


Can this be on ipad

Hi, thanks for asking. In future, I'd like to release a version for iPad, but that would still be a long way away.

Ok thx c:


This game is making me rage. How?

Hey, sorry to hear that. Is there any particular room or instrument that you were finding frustrating?


This is adorable!! I'm so glad put it in my recommended :)

Thank you! I'm pleased you liked it~ I'm glad itchio put it in your recommended too!


make android version with google play support .your game will be editors choice games 

Hey thanks for the encouragement! The plan is to eventually make an Android version, but the UI will need to be changed quite a bit to fit phones so it will be a long time before I'm able to do that~


So nice and cozy~


Thank you :)


esta muy bueno espero que lo actualizen pronto! :D

Gracias! :)


so wholesome! <3



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Este juego es realmente una fantasía, lo recomiendo al 100% y no puedo esperar a la siguiente actualización                                                    <3        

Gracias! Make sure to sign up for play testing here, and you'll be able to try new levels early. The next playtest is planned for this month.


its so relaxing :o

Thanks very much :)

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