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Hey, there seems to be an issue. Whenever I attempt to load the web version of the game, I get this error. (I'm using Brave Browser on Kubuntu 18.04.1 LTS amd64)

Hi, thanks for letting me know about this issue. 

I looked into it and this seems to be a problem that Unity web games have in Brave Browser in general. I found this post on the Brave Browser Reddit and the solution they recommend is to set 'All device recognition attempts allowed' in your (advanced) shield settings. I tried it out myself and it worked for me.


such a great game! Good job.

Thank you! :)


Beautifull game, would be awesome if u would put in more levels :D

Thank you ^^ 


Hey! I keep trying out the game again every once in a while, about two days, so I tried it again 2 days since my suggestions. Anyway, since I keep trying it out I decided to review it a little bit, even though I never really reviewed stuff. 

Anyway, I gotta say, I enjoy it! Even though it's not a game where replayability is a main purpose, I still enjoy replaying it, most likely because it's a unique small game. I've never really seen anything of this type before, of course I've seen rythm games, but no games focused on the "Chill Beats" type music, so this is really unique in that regard. I also really like the art, kind of brings out the "Chill" out a bit more in a way. My favorite level is the third one (at the time of there being only three), I like that song a bit more than the others, even though all are good, I also like how more difficult it is, I like more  difficult rythm games, even though half the time I'm not good if it's hard, lol.

There's my review, hoped it helped at least a tad motivation wise.

Also, I tried it out again and decided to do a sort of speed run, I got done in 3 minutes and 46 seconds, from the moment I clicked the play button, to the moment I clicked the stop button.

Keep up the good work!

Hey, thanks for trying out the game so many times, I also really appreciate you taking the time to write a review! ^^

Your speed run time is really helpful, I'm thinking about how long most people take to complete levels so I have some idea of the overall game play time once I add more levels.


I have a two suggestions. 

  • Perhaps whenever you're further into  development, you could add a difficulty setting, for people who want more of a challenge, if you could.
  • Add a volume bar in a corner of the Menu.

Hi, thanks for trying the game again and thanks for your suggestions. :)

Regarding your points:

1. Like I said to the previous commenter, I'm going to spend some time to think about how to handle difficulty. From my observations some people still find it too challenging and some people can complete things rather quickly, so I'm going to try and think of a way that works for both sets of people.

2. Will do!



Thank you for this great experience! I haven't read any of the other comments, but I have a couple of constructive points:

  • It would be great if the 'bridge' (meaning the line the notes reach and must be played) could be closer to the key labels, to make it a little easier to keep your eyes on both!
  • I love the way the music keeps rolling, but I would really like to have to 'master' the instrument before I'm able to move on. For example, you should be able to hit all the notes three times in a row before it's 'collected'.

But otherwise a fantastic game, well done!

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for giving detailed feedback! :) 

So regarding your points:

1. I actually moved the bridge up recently to make it more clear when to hit the notes, but I might look at adjusting this more in the future. 

2. That's a really helpful observation, I showed the game at an event last weekend and what I noticed was some people could very easily complete levels once they understood the mechanics. However, some people found it really difficult to complete some of the tracks, even once they got the hang of the basics. I'm going to try and think more about how to balance the game difficulty for different players, as ideally I'd like to have a way for both sets of people to feel satisfied with the game.

Thanks :)


It's a game where you think about the harmony of music that is very different from the rhythm games you see in Japan and Korea. That's great. The graphics are so. I love the music.

Thank you :) I really appreciate it~


Had a blast playing this game , really enjoyed it . Keep up the good work :D

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Thank you. Glad you had a good time! :)


Awesome, really enjoyed it even though it's only two levels long so far, good job!

Hey thanks so much! Just to let you know I've actually just added another level today, so feel free to try it out (it's a little easier than the other two)

Nice! Though for me I like the tougher ones lol

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Awesome game, especially for wanna-be musicians. So you think you could do music but don't know where to start? Here's your QWER, start training your fingers :)

Can you leave the objects on screen clickable after completing the rhythm? Blending room noises into music would be cool.

The bell on level 2 is tough.

Hey thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

Also thanks for the feedback, I'll consider whether I can do something about that~ :)


I hope there will be more levels soon!

Thanks! I'm working on an update at the moment, so that should come out pretty soon!

Hi, just so you know I've added a new level just now (it's a tutorial level so it's a bit easier than the others)


Where have you been all my life???? btw amazing game!!! hands down!!! AHHHHHH


This game really made me smile. Thanks for making it!

Thank you :) So glad you enjoyed it!


Hi wonderful game!! Feel like Jonas' constructive feedback weren't very good. And I noticed so many things when playing it sorry.

In the first level. When you play the instruments with few notes. Like this one 

You can get away with just timing, and then pressing Q, W, E and R. I like how the system is forgiving, but I think it is too forgiving in instruments with fewer notes
You could make it so that in instruments with fewer notes, you are allowed to do less mistakes. (Than the standard 4?)

Second, instead of exiting the Rhythm Panel when the last correct note is played; just allow the player to finish the last note. It'll make the player happier.

Third, when you play a note the entire screen bounces as positive feedback. I Instead of bouncing the entire screen just bounce the background. Bouncing the Rhythm Panel disturbs the player a little. <_>
Also since it's a positive feedback, I don't think the screen should bounce when you are playing transparent notes.

It's only because the game is so nice, that you notice these things. :)

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Hey, no need to say sorry, thanks so much for taking the time to play the game and giving such detailed feedback!

I iterated on the rhythm panel quite a lot as I wanted to try and make this part of the game feel as good as possible, so I'm grateful for your suggestions to help improve this.

Regarding the points you raised:

1. I'll think about this, I want it to be easy for the player to internalize how many misses it takes before the notes reset, rather than have this vary too much between instruments. I'm also ok with the first few instruments being quite easy and forgiving, so I might not change this too much.

2. I'm on board with this one. In your suggestion do you mean that it should wait until the end of the section before switching or just that the last note should finish playing before switching? The reason I did it like this is that I thought the player would not realize they had completed the section and continue to try and input notes. However I think it would be better to do as you suggest and also think of a way of showing visually that the instrument is completed after hitting the last note. 

3. I'm with you on this one too. I will try doing the screen bounce with just the background, I can definitely see how the rhythm bar moving makes things awkward for the player. Maybe I'll also experiment with smaller bouncing for the transparent notes, as I still want it to feel somewhat good to hit these.

Thanks for the suggestions, they were very helpful :)

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Of course! There is no secret formula to a good game, it's about testing the game and trying out what feels right! The things I noticed are just suggestions.

1. I totally understand you wanting it to be forgiving. It is only the instruments with the least notes. It felt like it accepted me spamming the keys. If someone starts with one of the easy instruments, and their spamming is accepted they might think about it.
If the player thinks too much about it, it might disturb the flow of the game. I'm thinking about the overanalyzing-type of players. But it is difficult to make a game that pleases everyone so don't pay too much attention to that. :)

2. Yes! Exactly! Don't wait until the section has finished playing, but just wait a half second before the Rhythm Panel closes, and show the player some positive visual feedback.

I wanted to finish the note before the the Rhythm Panel closed. It felt more like the game played the note, and not the me. 

3. I agree. ^^

I'm glad you could use my suggestions, or at least thought about them! Your game already is a masterpiece. Short, cute and with an attention to detail. My favourite type of game. c:


Great, thanks for getting back to me! I didn't think about players  just spamming keys too much, so I'll think about how to handle that behaviour a bit more. Thanks again for the feedback and the kind words, I really appreciate it :)


Hi, I made some of the adjustments you suggested along with adding another level, feel free to try it out if you like :) I'd be interested to get your feedback!


This is incredible. Thanks for the good time :)

Thank you! I'm glad you had a good time :)


the cutest short game w/ the most beautiful illustrations!

Thank you :)


Wow, this game amazing! It's very original, the music and the visuals are also really nice. Keep up the good work!


Hi, thanks so much for playing the game and the positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Loved the game! Really calming. I wish there were more levels though!

Thank you :) There are more levels on the way~

Hi, just to let you know there's been an update with a small extra level added if you're interested in trying it out.


This is very cute, can't wait to see more levels!

Thanks! ^^

Hi, there's been an extra intro level if you'd like to try it out :)


I loved this <3 very cute and relaxing :)))

Thank you :) Glad you liked it~


i love this so much!! i wish there were more levels but i enjoyed playing it and i love the finished result of the music. i cant wait for more!! (if youre planning on making more that is <3)

Hi, so glad you enjoyed the game and the music! :) I am planning on making more levels, the plan is to have around ~10 in total.

Hey, just fyi I've added a small extra intro level and made some other improvements, if you'd like to try it :)


i just played it! your game is really cute so far and im def looking forward to any new updates :))

Great! Thank you :)


This is the cutest and coziest thing I've played in ...  I think in my whole life. I'm so happy over this. Thank you.. <3

Thank you so much ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it~


Wow, rly cool, thx ^^

Thank you! ^^


It is impossible to hit the first notes... been trying for 10 minutes now

Hi, thanks for playing and your feedback. Sorry you had a hard time with the game. I am planning on fixing/ updating the game to reduce these problems, however I have been busy with other things the past few months so have not been able to do so.


Hi if you're interested, I made some time this week to make some improvements to the game. It should be a lot easier for you to hit the first notes if you want to give it another go. :)


Lofi is briliant, here is some constructive feedback, can you work on fixing the loop transition as it pasues and then loops again.

Hi, thanks for playing and your feedback :) is the problem you mention on the web, windows or android version? Also is it when the full song plays or also for just one completed loop? I'm not currently able to work on the game, but when I have time to look at it  again I'll take a look at that problem. Thanks~


Some of the Instruments could use a little slowing, But other than that, Great game!

Hey, thanks for playing the game and giving feedback :)

When I have time again, I'm planning to make some quality of life adjustments to the game that hopefully should improve that issue.


This is actually so cool! It has a very cool concept!

Thanks very much :)


this is awesome, great way to procrastinate! It might be nice to have a little lead up before the first notes cause it can be a little frustrating to try to hit the first ones

Hi thanks for the feedback :) I agree about the first notes being hard and frustrating to hit. I'm planning on implementing something to improve that as soon as I have some time.


its too good... i want to hear that music all along again in my study and reading time

Hey thanks so much for doing a playthrough video! I really appreciate it :) 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, You got through quick! 

where i can find those song? Those are relaxing

So the inspiration behind the game was youtube playlists/channels like the video below.

I haven't released the music from the game yet, but I'm planning on uploading it to soundcloud at some point in the future. I can let you know once that happens.

Be sure to tell me :D

Hi I know it's been a long while since you commented but I finally got around to updating the game and uploading the track onto soundcloud. If you're still interested you can find the track here


Good game idea,interesting!

Thank you :)


Really cute game, it's great, art work is fantastic and it's a novel idea.

Hi thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Great game but could you extend the time before the bar hits the first notes so it will be easier to hit the first notes, it passes to fast when it starts over and it doesn't register the click.


Can't do. The bar moves in sync with the whole music, it can't pause. Try not to look at the bar, but listen to the music or the clicks and press keys in the rythm of the music.

Hi thanks for the feedback :) I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I agree about the difficulty of hitting the first note, however as the other commentor said adding space to the start of the track might not be optimal. Instead I am planning to have the notes move down the screen rather than the bar move up (similar to guitar hero or other rhythm games), that way you should always be able to see the upcoming notes, rather than having this big jump back to the start of the section.


this is actually so adorable and i love it oh so much!! so chill and laid back - please please make more! maybe ones with different genres or songs too? :D

Thanks so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, unfortunately I'm pretty busy nowadays, but when I have time I am planning on adding more sections to the game~

(1 edit) (+2)

Okay, one change I must suggest is to see if, minding the existing progression of the music, to provide empty space at the start of the rhythm boards, rather than needing to instantly hit a key as soon as the bar loops around. I think this would let the players see the bar and thus create a kind of visual guide for when to start, what tempo to follow, and thus make the process that much less stressful and frustrating. As it is, it feels like the best I can do is kind of spam the first key[s] in a sequence and hope I nail it, particularly for the faster boards.

See my other reply. Also, have you ever played a rhythm game?

Hi thank you for the feedback and suggestion :) I agree that hitting the first note is tricky and can be frustrating, especially as you have to wait the whole bar to try again if you miss it. I'm planning on changing the game, so instead of the bar moving, the notes would fall down the screen instead (like in most rhythm games, guitar hero etc...)  so players should have more time to anticipate the first note. Hopefully that should address that problem.


I was thinking that might be a more elegant solution, after I had posted that earlier comment! It sounds like a fine idea, at least in theory. I hope it can be implemented easily and to your satisfaction! Thank you for the response and consideration. c:


I tried to sum up how I feel but I'll leave behind what a comment said on my video:

"There's something strangely admirable about being able turn a couple of jpegs and some sound files into something more diverting and somehow more complete."

Thank you for LoFi Room. I'm glad it exists.

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback and making a playthrough video! :) I really appreciate it. 

I was wondering, the green squares around the instruments, is that an artifact of the screen capture or did it look like that on your device?


I did those afterwords, just a 50% opacity PNG with a border. I had trouble recording finding the drum sticks so I thought why not just show locations if people couldn't find one or the other.

Ah ok nice idea, thanks for letting me know :)


literally the cutest game i've ever played

Thank you ^ㅅ^


ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS GAME! Such a relaxing atmosphere, Subtle, eye-catching artwork, and music that blends the entire game together so well. I loved the final tune so much, I created my own arrangement using my in-game choices, and recorded some original lyrics. SUPER catchy music! Had a ton of fun playing the notes and would love to see more of this type of game in the future! Maybe add a note difficulty option for those who want more or less of a challenge to complete it. Thanks for making such a cool game!

Here's just my vocal arrangement I call "Desolate Home" (lyrics in description):


Hi, thank you so much for playing the game and making a video!  It's sooo cool you did a vocal arrangement of track! :) I enjoyed the use of the sound effects in there. Did you extract the individual tracks from the game files, or did you build the different sections in the game itself? Thanks for the kind feedback too, I'm currently on the busy side but I'm hoping to expand/ refine the game soon.


I took what I could from my finished gameplay vid and created loops. No effects were used on the instrumental, 'cause I loved it the way it was. Thanks for listening, it was so fun to sing over it! I'll definitely be on the lookout for future updates! 

(1 edit)

Awesome that's so cool, thanks! :)


This was a really cool game! It took a while, but it was well worth it. 


Thank you~ :)


Hey! I loved playing your game! It really was Lo-fi and chill, unlike my video because I'm terrible at these games, but I hope you enjoy watching it if you get a chance :) (btw this was before the update haha)

Hey! Thanks so much for making a video of the game! (I like the thumbnail you made btw) It's always really helpful to see people play. Sorry the game was stressful, the idea was to create a relaxed atmosphere, but I think the difficulty is still too high for that. I'm still working on ways to improve that :). 


Although I was screaming through the whole video, I did enjoy the game haha! I'm guessing my video of your game is the only one that wasn't relaxing :p Keep making sick beats though, can't wait to see more!

Thanks~ :)


I feel like a few of the beats were a little off, maybe not as tight as they could have been. Otherwise this is a really cute little, quick game with an interesting concept. Nice little time killer. :3

Hi, thanks for playing the game! Also thanks for the feedback, I'll look more into getting the game to feel tighter :)

It was, like...soooo slight, and it might have just been because of the syncopation in some of the rhythms.

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