Game Jam Overview + Future Direction

So creating Bouncy Wouncy Spider was an interesting experience, it’s my third jam using Unity and I feel like it went a lot more smoothly than especially my first jam (Block Caver). This blog will explain my goals for the jam, lessons I learned doing the jam, things I wanted to add but wasn’t able to, and things I would like to improve in future.


  • Create small full polished game with unique mechanics
  • Use the animation system in Unity (based on this video)
  • Make all art digitally (I usually do inking/drawing on paper first then scan it in)

Lessons for next time:

  • Set up before jam: i.e. Start git repository, create Unity project, add splash screen before the game jam start date
  • Look in the asset store for free assets that already do what I am trying to do. In this case I could have just used the Easy 2D Lines asset straight away instead of trying to use the LineRenderer first which behaves like a 3D object. That would have saved me half a day.

Things I wanted to add but didn’t have time:

  • Trailing line behind spider (partially implemented)
  • Angle of spider based on angle of impact (partially implemented)
  • Particles spawning when bouncing against walls/objects
  • Give score based on the area of the largest hole (the smaller the better), i.e reward an even coverage of the web
  • Arrow on drag to show direction of spider
  • Randomly spawn branches to use as anchor points instead of the walls to make the gameplay more varied
  • Set strength  of jump based on distance pulled back (currently travels at a constant velocity)

Things to add in future:

  • All the things above (excluding scoring system)
  • Image/animation to show which direction to drag on the introduction screen
  • Power ups, e.g. extra jumps, bounciness, ability to attach to wall (should think of more)
  • Create mobile version
  • Have 8 jumps instead of 10, losing a leg on each jump to make the number 10 feel less arbitrary
  • Trajectory indication line
  • Visual representation showing the number of flies you have caught at the end
  • Integrate anchor points into game world more + explain/show what they are for better

Things I would like to incentivize but haven’t figured out a good way to do yet:

  • Less random web building, would be good if the webs with the highest points look like actual spiders webs
  • Each attempt should require different decisions and a different way of playing

My plans for the game going forward are to polish it up a bit more and see if I can add more variety to the gameplay. After that I plan to release it on mobile and post it to some other web game sites. I’ll most likely try and get this done in the next 2 - 3 months, although I have another project (LoFi Room) I'm currently working on.


Web Build Play in browser
Jun 03, 2019
Windows Build 26 MB
Jun 03, 2019
Mac Build 27 MB
Jun 03, 2019
Soundtrack 2 MB
Jun 03, 2019

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